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Suuankou Gin

Suuankou Gin

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In celebration of our sister brand Rachelle the Rabbit’s 4th year anniversary, COMPENDIUM is excited to announce the launch of our special commemorative gin, Suuankou Gin.

Spanning across a 3-year production period and the crown jewel in our suite of spirits, Suuankou Gin will be released as a limited edition product with only 50 exclusive bottles available for sale.


Distilled from vintage honey mead and infused with a unique blend of over 30 medicinal herbs and botanicals, Suuankou Gin encloses an explosion of flavours across multiple layers. Bottled at still strength with no dilution, Suuankou Gin is the highest ABV spirit in Singapore at a potent 68%. Aged with French oak, our strong and heady gin features a beautiful golden colour with deep caramelized notes on the palate.

A single sip of Suuankou Gin takes one on a journey – Commencing with an earthy aroma of juniper berries and mellow-sweet fermented honey mead, flavours from each infused botanical in the gin slowly surface in layers, ending with a touch of spice on the palate. Light interaction with water transforms the Suuankou Gin, opening up a rich, complex range and depth of flavours.


Named after a highly rare and skillful Japanese mahjong yakuman hand (strategic win with 4 concealed triplets and 1 twin), Suuankou Gin consists of the following 4 characters:

  • Vintage Mead: Produced in 2017 and distilled into pure honey spirit in 2019
  • Medicinal Herbs: More than 30 medicinal herbs and botanicals infused for 1 year
  • Still Strength: Distilled to the highest ABV in Singapore (68%) in early 2020
  • Oak Aging: Aged in French Oak for 2 months

With the essential juniper berries interlinking each character to produce an elegant and avant-garde distillation, the mastery of balance, potency and craftsmanship is revealed in our finest spirit produced thus far, Suuankou Gin.

Bottle Format: 500ml

Bottle(s) will arrive in standard Kraft Paper carton.