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Rachelle’s Double Kick

Rachelle’s Double Kick

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Remember how rabbit kicks with its hind legs? That's exactly how we felt when we first tasted this recipe.

Intense orange aroma coupled with strong cinnamon spiciness. We got thrown back for a while.

But like a rabbit, despite its temperament, we grew to like it. And we think you will too.

Production Year: 2017

Main Ingredients: Wildflower honey, water,
orange, cinnamon, cloves

Alcohol Level: 15%

Tasting Note:

Mead looks slightly cloudy due to the minimal clarification. The nose is a complex blend of spice, honey, citrus and dried floral notes. On the palate, there are layers of flavours supported by fresh acidity, light texture and robust alcohol. Off-dry to medium-sweet sweetness, which reminds of the honey base but without being cloying.

Bottle Format: 500ml

Bottle(s) will arrive in standard Kraft Paper carton.