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Rachelle’s Upper Cut

Rachelle’s Upper Cut

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What's grandmother's recipe for treating stuffy nose? With lemon and ginger of course! That's exactly what we did here. 

Fermenting the honey with lemon and ginger gives a mead with spicy citrusy, lemon peel aroma. On the palate, the ginger spiciness teases and warms with a gentle sting, while the lemon refreshes with a tangy zing. A cutting through sensation that awakes the senses.

Production Year: 2017

Main Ingredients: Wildflower honey, water,
lemon, ginger

Alcohol Level: 13.5%

Tasting Note:

Bright golden yellow, with impression of exotic spices with citrusy touch with a lingering note of dried floral honey. Dry sensation with light fizziness, but warm sensation by the ginger before finishes with a tangy lemon zing!

Bottle Format: 500ml