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Teh-O Liqueur

Teh-O Liqueur

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Using a combination of modern cold brewing technology and traditional “sock” filtering techniques, Teh-O Rum Liqueur pays homage to local kopitiam (heartland coffeeshop) culture with a fun, boozy adaptation on the familiar teh (tea). Made from freshly distilled in-house rum and infused with an artisan blend of tea leaves from our collaboration partner Made Cold, our liqueur is light on the palate while packing a mild acidic kick. With earthy notes and a beautiful black tea aroma, Teh-O Rum Liqueur is best enjoyed neat over ice.

Special acknowledgements to our collaboration partner Made Cold.

Main Ingredients: Rum, tea, black sugar

Alcohol Level: 20%

Bottle Format: 500ml

Bottle(s) will arrive in standard Kraft Paper carton.